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Why not escape to the mountains around 1.5hrs out of Panama city. Mamallena Eco Lodge is a 174 hectare finca nestled in a valley surrounded by the slopes of long extinct volcanoes. The lodge will be focusing on continuing the Mamallena tradition of great service, information and honesty alonside this we will be using organic, permaculture influenced agricultural techniques to run the finca and help provide a self sustainable environment. Currently there is approx 4 hectares of lemons, and a huge array of other fruit tree orchards including grapefruit, satsuma, orange and mango) as well as vegetable and herb fields, a eucalyptus stand, many medicinal plants, two streams with swimming pools, some local tilapia fish, we also have fresh water shrimp. We will also be recycling wherever possible and aim to reduce our rubbish output to almost zero.. We have plans for a butterfly garden, underground shipping container bar, jungle hammock getaway a tree house cabin, chili plant maze, eco toilets, compost hot water and much more. The team consists of Will (Chili pepper specialist) Brandon (Bean paste specialist) and Bayron (plumbing specialist). Eva, Oscar and Julian can be found keeping the place looking great and helping with new and exciting projects. Chomba our puppy will greet you with a chirpy bark and wagging tail and Banana our resident horse will no doubt cross your path on her daily walks around the grounds.

Brandon Moek

Brandon’s boundless energy and love for the outdoors, cooking and bean’s in particular make him one of the pillars of Mamallena Eco Lodge. The essence of who he is runs through the lodge at every turn. His Beard is also home to a troop of Howler monkeys, a python and numerous other wildlife.

Running through the heart of Mamallena Eco Lodge is Will’s life long dream of self-sustainability. A passion for Chili peppers means the lodge has many different varieties growing and you will no doubt find Will spending his days wandering through the chili maze when constructed. Lover of good cocktails, he tests every recipe thoroughly before adding to our bar menu.

Local to the area Eva and Oscar are an asset to the Mamallena Eco Lodge crew. Eva is the cleaner of the crew, keeping the Eco Lodge is sparkling form, Oscar is our all round labour man, he knows the land and secretes that come with it. Always a smile on his face.

Banana was a gift with the land, keeping the grass low, and surprising us all by having a romp and becoming pregant soon after we took ownership of her. Given her name you can probably guess she loves Bananas!

In June Chomba gave birth to two puppies, and they are getting big fast, you will see the three of them running around the grounds, seeking attention from guests wanting some belly rubs, or lazing around the bar area…the life of luxury!

Eva & Oscar


Bayron fell upon Mamallena Eco Lodge’s Will on his travels through the Americas. He jumped aboard at the very birth of the project and was integral to its success early on. He soon became our plumbing expert by necessity, he’s moved onto another adventure now overseas!

Bayron Gutierrez
Chomba and her pups Kitsy and Max

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey dear eco lodge team
    I was at the Mamallena hostel in Panama City and also read on worldpackers that you’re looking for volunteers?:)
    Im currently looking for a place to work and stay around February and wanted to check out the eco lodge at some point anyways
    It sounds really great and definitely like a place that makes you happy
    I’d be happy to help out with maintenance, reception, in a kitchen (I have a certificate for that),gardening or whatever kind of help you need
    If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them, I would be really happy to join your team for a couple of weeks!!
    Hope to hear back from you:)
    Kind regards, ina

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