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food dinner


Mamallena Eco Lodge has a restaurant that offers up breakfast along side with a set lunch and dinner menu every day at additional cost.
We try to use the best ingredients available for all our meals. Much of the produce will be grown organically at the lodge, we also produce our own eggs and make many of the chutneys, vinegar’s, jams and other condiments.
Whole grains are used where possible an we do our best to support local farmers. Our set meals are all vegetarian. Fish dinners or vegan options are available on request.
Try our speciality Kambucha and Jun fermented teas, cleansing and refreshing. For more info click here

Panama food and beverage Taxes
Food and drink prices DO NOT include taxes
All food and soft drinks will be taxed at 7%
All alcoholic beverages taxed at 10%

Breakfast From $3.50

Oats, milk, dried fruit and nuts $3.50 (Almond/hazelnut milk $4.50)
Sunflower/Three grain bread with homemade jam & fruit $4.50
Eggs, tom & wholegrain bread, $3.50 (sunflower/three grain bread $4.50)
Eggs x 2 with fresh herbs $2 Fruit cup (Mixed seasonal fruits) $2

Lunch from $5.00

Some examples of our lunch menu are below (When available):
Wholegrain Pita bread, raw veg, humus, fruit, fresh herbs $5
Toasted Sandwich (Sunflower/Three-grain bread, cheese, onion, tomatoe, fresh herbs), salad, fruit $6.50
We serve a variety of other lunch combinations dependent on seasonal produce and availability of other ingredients.

Evening Meals from $7.50

We serve a set meal every day for $7.50 sign up during breakfast:
Dishes including curry, Spanish omellete, ratatouille, pesto, stir fry, veg burgers, pizza, soups and pasta sauces –
Served with egg noodles, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, organic eggs, potatoe, plantain, yuka and soya, wholewheat fajitas and pita
Occasionally we have fish available. Caught without the use of nets
Fish Dinner on request during breakfast(Red Snapper, grouper or other similar species) $10

Full Drinks Bar

Some examples of our drinks menu are below (When available):
Fresh Juices, smoothies, kambucha, Jun, ginger beer
National & International beers. Homebrew Coming soon!
International grape wines and home made fruit and herb wines
National & International spirits and Liqueurs


Peanut Butter Pina Colada
Chili Margarita
Basil Mojito
Passion fruit Daiquiri
Many more…

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